What if Polyurethane Really is Toxic?


With plastic all around and a part of our daily lives, there are increasing concerns about the ill effects and hidden dangers of plastic.


Some experts say that chemicals leaching out of plastics may cause cancer, gastrointestinal problems and potentially impact the development of fetuses.


Polyurethane specifically may cause asthma attacks and headaches, irritate your lungs and skin, upset your stomach or make you dizzy.


If you are concerned about chemicals harming your family, you may want to look beyond the plastic ware in your kitchen. Your mattress may also contain polyurethane — the main component of memory foam — and other chemicals and could be emitting those compounds into the air you breathe.


A Natural Mattress is an Option

A century or two ago, sleeping on a natural mattress meant snuggling up on a sack stuffed with straw or feathers. Now it means something a little different and much more comfortable.


Memory foam and latex mattresses can both be made from plant-based sources, such as rubber trees, and organic materials to avoid even more chemicals.


Both types of mattresses are durable, dense enough to protect against dust mites, soft enough to shape to your body and firm enough to provide the necessary support.


What to Do about Polyurethane

If you opt for a mattress that contains polyurethane, you can reduce any potential affects by accelerating the off-gassing process.


Once your new mattress is in place, you can do these things. Open windows and turn on multiple fans to increase ventilation and improve air flow. Turn up the heat to raise the temperature. Place an air purifier in the same room to better clean the air as your mattress releases gasses.


Peace of Mind is King

Ultimately, you won’t sleep well if you are worried about emissions from polyurethane every time you settle into bed. There are several factors that go into buying a mattress. Finding one that gives you peace of mind is just as important as picking out the best mattress for your body.