Why Pick a Memory Foam Mattress and Who Should Use Them

For many people, the best thing after a long, hard day of work is putting on a pair of cozy pajamas, climbing into a soft, comfortable bed and getting a good night’s sleep.


But what if you can’t sleep or you wake up tired and in pain? The quality of your mattressmay be the culprit and the temperature in your room matters too.


The purpose of sleep is to get your body relaxed and ready for the next day. For the body to truly relax, a mattress should provide firm support to the pressure points and the joints. This is where a memory foam mattress can help you.


What is Memory Foam?

Memory foam most comfortable mattres, which was first invented in 1966 by NASA researchers, is a polyurethane foam that is modified to have a higher viscosity and density.


Memory best rated mattress foam has the unique property of softening to body heat yet still offering support. When you lay on memory foam, it softens around your body, making a perfectly contoured mattress that can reduce pain cause by inadequate support. The higher density material provides solid support to your back, neck and hip joints.


Protection from Bed Bugs and Dust Mites

Constructed from multiple layers of visco elastic foam, memory foam is dense and doesn’t have the air cavities are in spring mattresses.

most comfortable bed

This solid density provides better support for the back and offers protection from bed bugs, which eat human blood, and dust mites.


On the other hand, spring mattresses offer the essentials for bed bugs to thrive: a dark, concealed place andeasy access to humans.


Although bugs can hide in the bed frame and come to the mattress at night, a memory foam mattress itself doesn’t provide a haven to the bugs.


Relief from Allergies Too

Memory foam mattresses mattress ratings are usually a good option for people who suffer from allergies because their density preventsdust mites, which are a constant source of allergies, and bed bugs in the mattress.


Many varieties of memory foam mattresses and pillows also come with anti-allergy covers to offer even better protection against allergens.


The mattress ratings to lessen your allergies and avoid dust mites is a memory foam or latex mattress. Memory foam is a manmade material — unlike latex, which can be sourced naturally — and mattresses and pillows do emit certain chemicals.


If you are allergic or sensitive to a chemical component specifically,you can look intopurchasing a plant-based memory foam mattress. People with asthma and similar respiratory problems may benefit from sleeping on natural latex or a plant-based most comfortable beds memory foam mattress.